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Shadowes Of The Mynde

~*Dreams Unlock Your Soul*~

Lucid Dreams
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I have a Facination, and At Times an Obsession with Dreams. Not Dreams Like Goals, or what you aspire to do or become, But Literal Dreams. Those that we experience In R.E.M. Stage of Sleep.

I Believe Dreams reveal a great deal about our inner self. About Our Soul, Our Previous Life, the AfterLife, and beyond. Dreams awaken the spirit energies surrounding us and can unlock the secrets of our Soul.

This Community is for sharing interesting Dreams, and offering your interpretation. It is for the serious discussion of Dreams, and what they may be trying to reveal.

Anyone is Welcomed to Join, and to Post their own dreams, especially ones you'd like an answer to. And anyone is Welcome to reply to other posters dreams. But Please, try to offer some form of an interpreation. That is why we are here after all.

So Step into your Slumber and See What Dreams May come.