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Feb. 24th, 2005 @ 05:46 pm Not that anyone is gonna give a rats ass..
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
I had a rather interesting Dream Last night.

I dont remember how it started, but I do remember something about being in some ancient time, and these things were attacking the village. I was hanging out/comforting this other girl when her man went north, and My friend went some place else. The villager soldiers were protecting everyone, and then things died down [whatever was attacking hadnt quite made it into the village.] Anyway the male friend of mine who went basically West, returns. And me and him, adn the chick are sitting on a wooden table/bench [picnic bench] and he hands me this little box that has a chocolate Bear inside [dont ask] So we then went for a walk. [i would also like to mention that am wearing some form of contraption/magnifying glass on my head during half of this encounter] and these things, they are kinda like mutated demon snakes start comming out of the woodwork [literally] so everyone starts panicing, and Me and the guy that I'm obviously inlove with start fighting them off. I grabb up this really awesome dagger and go friggin postal, and I dunno we end up on this deck where there are burning bodies and skulls that when broken spill Gold out. [dont ask]
Then I cant remember much, but entering this room armed with a sword and some daggers, but there is like a door check, like making sure that our weapons arent real, and to test, they stab us in the palm. Both of us get pricked, but its nothing too severe. So anyways, we start fighting, and then it becomes like this occult type place and god only knows what is going on, and suddenly I'm by myself fighting these things that end up just being on tv. who knows.
So then Carrie and I are on this dock surrounded by marsh and stuff, playing some sort of retarded game of toss the plastic bag into the hole [dont ask again] and we are playing and all the suddens he tosses some plastic coin into this nasty water ina plastic pool. I guess thats basically when we atarted playing with the plastic bag. lol. so anyways, I see a white wolf running across the marshes, and he runs up on the dock and is a brown wolf adn i pet his head and he runs off again. So we go back to playing and I have to chase this ball [now its a ball] into this other area, which happens to be like an arcade, and this guy starts teasing me. Its Carries friend, who i think is hot [even tho now, i dont know who the fuck it was] and as we are leaving the dock area, I look at him, and I'm like "Call me sometime to hang out or something" and carrie is rollin her eyes at me [b.c he's normalyl an asshole or whatever, and she cant believe i think he is hott] so the dream shits to just me and this guy and he liesme down on this bed, and the only thought i had was "omg hes going to lie next to me, and cuddle with me" b.c all the sudden he was just a sweetheart. A little something else happens[ nothing like sex or anything] and we get seperated, and the last thing I remember is looking for him.

I woke up feeling extermely empty honestly. And i really wanted to remember who that guy was, because, I know this is gonna sound strange, but i'm in love with him. LOL or atleast what he represented in my dream. When he touched me it felt like I had a warm blanket over my shoulders...and I miss that feeling as soon as i woke up.

Carrie thinks it might be like a sign that I need to find someone who will make me feel that way, since Dave doesnt, and I agree with her. I'm just so obsessed today with whoever that guy was its not even funny...
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Date:February 24th, 2005 11:57 pm (UTC)
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damn that was action packed o.O
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Date:February 25th, 2005 12:17 am (UTC)
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yeah. ow