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Nov. 29th, 2004 @ 01:31 pm Bizarro dream
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Cross-posted to my lj.

Kirazi says:
i had THE weirdest dream.. ever.
You'll come round when you're ready... says:
You'll come round when you're ready... says:
Kirazi says:
Back in time to when Bush was elected for the first time. It was halloween. I was dressed up i baggy black pants and a trenchcoat and was apparently a vampire. And I don't mean that was my costume. Was about to kill this kid when for some reason all these people had me read a paper I'd written as a child... about the upcoming election. It was all about how we didn't need Bush's shit. Then I was o
Kirazi says:
out in the country with my parents and a bunch of people where the form of voting was scribbling the name on a post it and throwing that into a big pile of mud. Gore was there, cast his vote and went around talking amongst people. Bush arrived with an armed guard and I started bitching about how he needed to die. Eventually they found him gunned down on the side of a shed and blamed me because som
Kirazi says:
some guy said it looked like the gun had been fired by someone named Amy. Then I woke up.
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