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Jun. 30th, 2005 @ 12:23 am (no subject)
Current Mood: amusedamused
HAHA. I was re-reading my last dream. I had almost forgotten about it completely. I remember feeling so obsessed with that random strange Guy. But i guess, I've found my replacement :) hehe. Anyways. I wanted to share two other dreams. One I posted on my journal a while back about sparky, and one that I had the other night.

I was sitting outside on my driveway with someone [cant remember who now] and we were just BSing when we heard this painful groaning whimper. Like a Dog was hit. It continued for a very long time. I remember it sounding a little eerie. It was a constanct whimper/whine/groan sound so eventually I got up to see what the hell was going on. I walked down the sidewalk by my house so I could see around the bend past my neighbors yard and I see the dog from down the road [Sparky] Its not uncommon to see sparky, Sparky is always running around the neighborhood. I figure he got hit, so I walked down near my neighbor's driveway, and then I saw it, and felt very violently ill. Sparky was only half of a dog. The head, forlimbs and portion of the torso. I'm not sure what had happened to his mid section and back end, but it was no longer there. Her was all mangled looking and bleeding and it was just real disgusting, that I felt faint and a queezy. I turned to the chic I was BSing to, and told her just to go inside my house and not worry about anything, dont even try to look. A few minutes later, my neighbors spot another dog in the curb near the sewer drain. They try to help it, but then realize the thing is already dead. Its back end is all fucked up and bloody too, but at least it has a back end. I start calling all sorts of people, from Ryan to animal control. I wanted someone with a gun who could shoot sparky to put the poor dog out of its misery concidering it was still fucking alive and still making those god awful noises. My dream kinda fades in and out about right here, but no matter what is going on, I'm still in the neighborhood and I'm trying to find someone to help Sparky. Even tho next time i drive around, I dont see him, but i see the dead dog near the sewer.

okay, so I went shopping, I dont remember why I was there but all i did was eat. THere was this cool oriental craft store that was also serving food, called the Bloo something [I was suposed to go apply at the Blue Bamboo IRL this past week- a chines restaurant. go fig] and You just make a plate, then pay accordinly. Well i made a plate and never paid, and then the mall was closing so I was getting some to go. They had like sushi and rice dishes and these little desert squares that were to die for, and inscence sticks and what looked like inscence cones, but it really made these specialty flavor teas. Nummy. As im checking out the Cashier lady tells me I get a pendandt. Its a cool dragon with an amber stone, and as she is ringing me up I'm looking thru this catalogue of hand crafter procelaine collectables and stuff and its real cool. THen all the suddeen I'm pulling into my driveway talking to my mom about shopping and that Dad was there, but I dont remember seeing him. Next thing I remember I'm in a shoe store, Hidding from this gang of guys with guns. I'm in a teal shirt with black pants, and im barefoot, but I decide to put on a pair of teal shoes [that hey, atleast matched the outfit] when someone exposes where we are hidding [we being my brother and my self] My brother can stand up freely with out getting shot, but I'm ducking down each isle, trying to get away as these Cuban guys start lookin for me. I decide to make a break for it and run to my brother. Before i do, I hear some of the gang talking about selling some pot. So I make a break for my brother, and instead I slam right into one of the biggest mother fukers in this ghang. To try and save my ass [because dude with a guy is starin straight at me] I tell the dude im interested in what he's selling. While hes talking to me I'm a nervous wreck, and someone else comes into the shoe store and the dude with a gun blows him away. So I'm scared shitless. 1 I dont have any money to buy pot, 2- these guys could decide to kill me at any second. Well some shitt goes down and the next thing I knoe there is this fight breaking out between this gang of guys and some other dude, so I'm pretty much spared. The Big MFer i ran into starts going thru my purse and starts writting himself a check, but i dont know if its my money or chalies. And im just worried that he is going to steal from us at this point, so im trying to hide anything that has money, like atm cards and shitt. Shitt goes down hard with the fight and everyone starts running out thru the mall. Cops are everywhere and we are all trying to look innocent. I loose my bro and run back for the big dude who actually sells me a bag for 27 bucks. But I didnt have the money on me, so he's holding it for me while i go to my car to get it. THen im in the Parking lot, lost, trying to find my car, while some other fuker is following me. THen the dream shifts to me riding bare-back on a brown quarter horse with my brother on a white one in front of me. I start slidding off the horse but get back on as we turn in a fence near my porch [that doesnt exist] and i lead a jack thru the fence with our horses who gallop away into a pasture area. Mine jumps the pasture fence and Charlies doesnt budge. THen he and i are on the porch and I'm showing him the bag I got for 27 bucks, that i never actrually paid for....and the dream fades out there...

What the fuck was I on THAT night. Whoo Boi!
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