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Apr. 9th, 2004 @ 02:09 pm (no subject)
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Forgot to post this the other day... but I'd really like some responses to these.

Yea big surprise I had some damn weird dreams last night.. First, I think I was in my wolf form but I'm not certain. I was with a bunch of other animals and we were trying to get away from a group of hunters who had invaded our woodland home. For whatever reason, the only way for us to get away was to scale this river up the side of a mountain, which had some pretty strong currents. Myself and some other animals were helping a couple of bear cubs up by carrying and passing them along. Once we reached the top, I trailed off from the others and went back around the path I knew the hunters would be taking up the mountain (yes, there was a path, so I have no idea why we swam up the river instead... perhaps not to hind pawprints). There was a row of trees between me and the path and I could already hear and smell the hunters approaching. I was trying to figure out what to do to stop them....

Switch to a completely different setting. I was my human self again, and I was camping with my best friend and some relatives of hers.. Ok not camping, but staying in a very nice ranch-style home high in the mountain wilderness. I'd done something to piss everyone off... I think I accidentally threw something into the grill they had a fire going in/on, and so I went up into the house. There was something in there of a barbie coming to life and trying to kill my friend and I, but since I can't explain it and somehow we miraculously extinguished it, I'll go on. Candi (my friend) and I were outside later and out on the porch at the end of the house. On the other side was a metal pole, like the ones that usually have bus stop signs on them. I was telling Candi that from the window upstairs I had seen such a pole with a pizza box speared on it and two large wolves standing on their hind legs push the box off to get at the pizza. Sure enough, there was a black wolf tied or somehow attached to this pole... he seemed to be sedated or half asleep. Candi grabbed some scissors and cut a few chunks of fur off of his paw (which was so large it barely fit in her hand). I turned around and saw two HUGE wolfens standing about 20 feet away from us by the house, just staring at us. I think they were angry for cutting fur from the sedated wolf (who was nearly as large as them), or for something else, but the sure reason was they were pissed. I poked Candi in the shoulder and we bolted towards the side of the house, heading for the screen door on the other side. The wolfens gave chase. Candi was able to get in the screen door, but I nearly fell trying to get in and just barely threw the door shut in the first wolfen's face. It didn't matter though, because they ended up in the room anyway. Candi and I, and whoever we were staying with (I think it was her uncle or grandfather) were standing there facing them, the uncle/grandfather holding a rifle in his hands. The wolfen both just stood in the door watching us. And of course... my memory fades at this point.
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Date:April 9th, 2004 09:32 pm (UTC)
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sorry- i know you are hoping this is an imput reply- its not.
I promise I will come back and put in my two cents..im just not with it right now..Sorry luv